Fri Mar 29, 2024

Right in the Eye

A live movie-concert set to the films of Georges Méliès
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“A delightful and entertaining opportunity to discover the early days of cinema.”

– La Nouvelle République



In order to showcase the pictures and narratives in the fantastic worlds of such films as The Impossible Voyage or burlesque universes in such shorts as The Four Troublesome Heads, Right in the Eye offers a poetic, playful current rendition of the works of Georges Méliès. The scenography is enhanced by subtle lighting that gives life to the set and creates continuity with the projection. Lighting and scenic design combine to establish a unique identity that makes Right in the Eye so much more than just a movie-concert: it is a fabulously imaginative and poetic show.

An original score is composed for each film making every piece unique and harmoniously integrated into the production as a whole. Inspired by the cinematographic richness and inventiveness of Méliès, Jean-François Alcoléa has devised a unique orchestration that offers a broad spectrum of sound qualities and modes of playing.





  • Introduction (documentary based on archival materials )
  • Le cauchemar (A Nightmare)
  • Un homme de têtes (The Four Troublesome Heads)
  • Voyage à travers l’impossible (The Impossible
  • La visite sous-marine du Maine (Divers at Work
    on the Wreck of the “Maine”)
  • Le voyage de Gulliver à Lilliput et chez les Géants
    (The Lilliputians and the Giants)
  • Panorama pris d’un train en marche (Panorama
    from Top of a Moving Train)
  • Les nouvelles luttes extravagantes (Fat and Lean
    Wrestling Match)
  • Le merveilleux éventail vivant (The Marvelous
    Living Fan)
  • L’équilibre impossible (An Impossible Balancing Feat)
  • Le royaume des féés (The Kingdom of Fairies)
  • Nain et géant (The Dwarf and the Giant)




aquaphone / music box / piano frame / snare and cymbals / wooden chest acting as a bass drum and marimba / saucepans / inner tube / chimes / bells and jingle bells / spoons / keyboard sounds include piano, vibraphone, marimba or glass harmonica / glockenspiel / plastic plates / slide flutes / electric sheath / guitar / melodica / small percussions / sanzas / set of circular saws / blades and miscellaneous metal tubes / musical saw / whistles / theremin / low tom / triangles / crystal glasses




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Fri, Mar 29

Run Time

75 minutes



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