Outdoor arts and wellness classes

Join us to refresh and reconnect

We have missed you!

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing our official reopening to the public after a year of being shuttered due to COVID-19. I can think of no better way to welcome the public back to the Theatre after such a long and challenging year than through our new Wellness Series, a group of six outdoor classes taught by a team of experienced Bay Area artists and healers, including Lance McGee, Johnny Huy Nguyen, and Sonja Riket.

The Wellness Series will focus on helping participants heal, connect to themselves, and connect to one another. The series was created with guidance from Ilene Serlin, PhD, an award-winning psychologist and dance movement therapist who is part of the American Psychological Association COVID-19 Task Force.

The Wellness Series will take advantage of decades of research in the fields of neuroarts and art therapy that have demonstrated what artists have known for millennia… 

The arts and creativity play a critical role in our ability to:

  • Heal from trauma and injury
  • Experience and regulate emotions
  • Form personal and cultural identities
  • Build relationships and belonging
  • Connect with the physical and natural world 

We hope you will join us as we build a home for the arts, healing, and wellness at the Theatre by enrolling in a Wellness Series class, sharing this email with your community, or donating a $150 scholarship for a person experiencing economic hardship. 

Be well,
Robert Martin
Executive Director

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