Mon May 17–Mon Jun 28, 2021

Somatic Movement Meditation

Learn techniques from Feldenkrais® and Body-Mind Centering® somatic healing methods

Instructor: Sonja Riket

Has illness, injury, abuse, disability or depression affected your self-image, confidence and ability to enjoy life?

Explore a six-week Somatic Movement Meditation class series based on Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® and Body-Mind Centering® somatic education.

The lessons consist of verbally-guided, gentle, slow movements done lying on a mat (and sometimes in sitting, standing or walking). They improve flexibility, alignment, coordination and self-awareness. During the lesson, short periods of yielded rest may lead to a meditative state.

Everyone has a great capacity for learning and to change habits that lead to tension, stress, anxiety and pain. Besides acquiring fluidity of movement, this kinesthetic learning process can facilitate your self-image and mental and emotional well-being.

You can discover how to:

Breathe easier. Diminish your pain and tension and gain strength and vitality. Improve your balance, coordination and focus. Deeply rest your attention.

Anyone is welcome!

What to bring: Wear loose, comfortable, warm clothing you can move in! Bring a firm, comfortable mat and 2 bath towels, warms socks and a blanket.




Sonja Riket is a Somatic Movement Therapist®, Certified Feldenkrais® and BodyMindCentering® Teacher, Somatic Educator and award-winning Dance Educator. She has decades of experience in movement and dance training, performance and teaching. Besides her worldwide modern dance career, spanning 30 years and 3 continents, Sonja studied many forms of ethnic dance, such as Argentine Tango, Flamenco, Indian, African, Balkan as well as the somatic modalities of Alexander Technique, Authentic Movement, Qi-Gong, Aikido, Zen meditative practices and Jungian psychology. Since 2000 Sonja has taught her own synthesis of somatic approaches with Argentine Tango as a dance of relationship: “Intimate Embrace Tango”. As faculty of the SF Community Music Center, she teaches “Embodiment and Expression for Musicians” and Argentine Tango Dance. Sonja is a guest lecturer at the Institute for Holistic Health studies at SF State University.

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This class will take place in the outdoor Plaza of the Presidio Theatre. Temperatures will be taken upon entering and participants will be required to wear a mask and maintain at least 6-feet of distance at all times.

Learn more about our COVID-19 Safety Protocols here.


Mon, May 17
Mon, May 24
Mon, Jun 7
Mon, Jun 14
Mon, Jun 21
Mon, Jun 28

Class Length

75 minutes

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