Oakland resident Sarah Gagnon named her music project after her paternal French Canadian grandmother, got a band together and self-released the eponymous debut folk pop album Hectorine in 2019. The sophomore record, Tears, was born on the banks of the Yuba River and was released in 2021 on Paisley Shirt Records, which is run by the inimitable Kevin Linn, who says, “a low dark voice carries this ethereal, atmospheric, and art pop-inspired record.” Hectorine is currently working on finishing their sax-heavy third album Arrow of Love, which is slated for release in late 2024. These days the rest of Hectorine consists of Laura Adkins on drums, Betsy Gran on keyboards, Geoff Saba on bass, Max Shanley on lead guitar, Tika Hall on auxiliary percussion, and Jeanne Oss on saxophone.

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