Introducing a New San Francisco Holiday Tradition

Panto in the Presidio: Aladdin

We know it’s been a hard year. We hope this sneak preview of “Aladdin,” the Presidio Theatre Performing Arts Center’s first annual “Panto in the Presidio” holiday performance, will lift your spirits. So, dust off your wig and warm up your vocal chords because this raucous, all-ages show is guaranteed to have the whole family out of their seats, heckling, cheering, and joining the actors on stage.

About “Panto in the Presidio”

An all-star team of theater icons is bringing a new holiday tradition to the San Francisco Bay Area in Winter 2021. The Presidio Theatre will present “Aladdin” as its first annual “Panto in the Presidio,” featuring work by Grammy and Emmy award-winning comedy writer and musician Mason Williams (“Classical Gas,” “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour,” and “Saturday Night Live”), and Musical Direction by Bill Keck.

Panto is a popular UK holiday tradition that presents a highly interactive and comedic musical re-telling of a well-known children’s story or fairytale. Pantos are beloved for their original songs and musical parodies, outlandish costumes, slapstick, and political satire. Many pantos star a Panto Dame as a lead character, usually dressed in drag. Panto audiences are encouraged to dress up for the performance, to get out of their seats, and get involved in the play as they boo for the villains, cheer for the heroes and heroines, and sometimes even find themselves up on stage with the actors.


Curt Branom – Widow Twankey

Renée Lubin-Holmes – The Genie

Peggy Haas – Producer

Kenny Mazlow – Director

Bill Keck – Music Director and Co-Script Writer

Mason Williams – Voice of God and Co-Script Writer

David Murakami – Director of Photography

Sean Riley – Production Designer

Alina Bokovikova ­ – Costume Designer

Marina Agabekov– Costume Construction

Mitchell Erickson – Wig Design and Construction

Matt James – Prop Designer

Colby Jones – Craft Services

Bob Martin – Executive Director, Presidio Theatre

Jeff Gregory – Technical Director and Audio Editor, Presidio Theatre

Patty Ann Farrell – Production Manager and Lighting Designer, Presidio Theatre

Elle Ghini – Master Electrician, Presidio Theatre

Dylan McMillan – House Audio Engineer, Presidio Theatre

Dave Freitag – Stagehand, Presidio Theatre

Marty McGee – House Projection/AV, Presidio Theatre

Terry Lorant – Documentation Consultant

Pete Jacobson – Documentation Consultant

Julie Mushet – Creative Consultant

Special thanks to Mason Williams for use of his song “Gypsy Noodle.”

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