Bliss Festival Artist Bios 2023

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Bobby Oroza
Sunday, August 20
After years of grinding as a sideman in the Finnish music scene, Bobby Oroza has stepped up to make his voice heard. Always with an air of crude romanticism, Bobby pushes towards an expression transcending the borders of soul and rock balladry. His dark and intimate debut single ”This Love” didn’t take long to reach the ears and hearts of a worldwide soul music community and is already a proper classic amongst the lowrider and soul collector scenes.

Bobby was born in Helsinki, Finland into a family of musicians and artists. During frequent family parties Bobby ́s Bolivian grandfather would pick up a guitar and sing Latin canciones and Cuban classics. Bobby ́s mother is a singer and his father a gypsy-style jazz guitarist. All his siblings work in show business and music. As a kid, Bobby was lucky to grow up surrounded by his parents’ record collection which included early jazz and blues, Motown hits, gospel ensembles, and doo-wop groups like The Drifters and The Clovers. The Soul records were balanced out by Brazilian ones, African ones, his mother’s collection of North and South American folk songs, and Nuyorican Salsa albums. All of these influences show up in Bobby’s music.

Bobby started working professionally as a musician in his early teens. His main instruments are guitar and percussion. Before finishing high school Bobby decided he needed to experience the rhythmic source that had inspired him the most, and travelled to Santiago, Cuba. There he studied percussion and singing intensively for months. Since his return he’s been producing, recording and performing music to make a living for his family. Teaming up with the Timmion Records house band Cold Diamond & Mink, led by Jukka Sarapää, Sami Kantelinen, and guitarist/composer Seppo Salmi, he has a tight quartet of musicians to support his vision. With his instant classic, debut album “This Love” Oroza has shared his strange and unique shade of Soul with the world, creating a cult-like following for his sound from Finland to sunny Southern California and beyond.
LOUDA, the powerhouse Xicana creative and performer who is breaking boundaries in the music industry with her unique blend of jazz rhythms and Latin styles. Splitting audiences between her hometown of Chicago and the California Bay Area, LOUDA is transcending genres and gaining recognition for her exceptional stage presence and vocal fluidity. Launching her solo project in 2015 and currently being interwoven in 20XX Productions and co-producing a live band called LOUDA y Los Bad Hombres.

LOUDA has continually evolved as an artist, pushing the boundaries of her lyrics, music, style, and name. LOUDA is a rising star in the music industry, and her talent is not to be missed.
Nick Pagan
Saturday, August 19
Nick Pagan is a Chicano crooner, composer, psychonaut, storyteller, and an old soul out of Northeast L.A. Rooted in the past with a finger on the pulse of the future, Pagan describes his sound as “New-Wop”—colorful sonic palettes, catchy hooks, and classic sounds ripe to be sampled.

Pagan’s debut single, “No Mames,” premiered on the world-famous KROQ. His music has been Today's Top Tune on KCRW, has premiered in publications like Remezcla and Talkhouse, and has been featured in Netflix's Élite and Todo Va A Estar Bien.
Pearl & The Oysters
Saturday, Aug 19
Pearl & The Oysters is the French-American duo of Juliette Pearl Davis and Joachim Polack. The pair met at high school in Paris and immediately bonded over their mutual love for ’70s jazz and ‘90s space age pop. They have been writing and performing together ever since, and moved across the Atlantic together in 2015. Pearl & The Oysters signed to Stones Throw in 2022 and have since released the singles “Pacific Ave” and "Konami". Look out for more new music from the duo coming very soon!
San Cha
Sunday, Aug 20
By subverting the tropes of popular culture from her Mexican roots to make something new, San Cha has managed to make an impact on the music world, thanks to a highly original sound that encapsulates who she is. With her on-going singles series Processions, San Cha’s essential voice is not only evident, but proves why she is a unique presence in the music industry. These series of E.P’s will lead to the finale, the grand ceremony.

San Cha is an experience and exploration in sound and musical genres. Interweaving through decades of music as smoothly and beautifully as the turn of a kaleidoscope. Each song a new and refreshing mix, nearly irelatable to the last but somehow irrevocably San Cha. This is what has catapulted San Cha in the music world and has made her an undeniable force.

Using her Mexican American upbringing, San Cha channels a wave of cultures to beautifully collide in a mix of genres. As eclectic in sound as she is in emotion and storytelling. At times haunting and full of ache and quickly thereafter an unstoppable dance force. A soundtrack for your heart and club nights with friends. Because of this her music has been featured on shows such as Starz TV show Vida and Growing Fangs on Disney +.
Saturday, Aug 19
A romantic for the apocalypse generation, STACEY crystallizes the nostalgic longing of golden age pop records into lyrical refractions for the twenty-first century. Cruising from 60's psychedelic day-trips to glossy 70's daydreams, STACEY's velvet textures have received glowing press from the likes of SPIN, LadyGunn, American Songwriter, Clash Magazine, WONDERLAND, Refinery 29, while her iconic floral live presence has led her to share stages with Charlotte Day Wilson, Tamino and Cameron Avery (of Tame Impala). Her songs have soundtracked over 15 different TV programs including Lucifer, Orphan Black, and Degrassi and have amassed over 5 million streams on Spotify. She has received praise from industry tastemakers such as Matt Wilkinson (Apple Music), Chris Douridas (KCRW, School Night), Lauren Laverne (BBC6 Music) and more. Los Angeles via Toronto, STACEY just released her debut, retro-celestial full length, Saturn Return (May 21, 2021).

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